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Latest from the Blog

How old were you when you went on your first diet?

One of my new clients this week explained how her first memory of dieting was attending a weight watchers meeting with her mim at just 6 years old. That first experience tragically led her down a path of distrusting her body, perpetually desiring weight loss, and essentially micromanaging every morsel of food that went into…

Q&A with Nicole!

Our team recently spoke with Nicole, the founder and CEO of Good Soul Nutrition, about our company’s origin and what motivated her to launch the practice, her thoughts on fad diets, how much nutrition and mental health influence each other, and what advice she has for someone who desires a healthier lifestyle.

Back to School Recipe Series: Part 1!

Have you ever been in the grocery store and had a wild idea that maybe seasonal ice cream should be eaten in between two delicious cookies in the form of a sandwich?

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